We can provide our clients with the most appropriate solution for their insurance needs in the Aviation Risks, and we  can procure full reinsurance support for the Italian insurance market.

We offer specialized insurance solutions in the Aviation Market since 2003 and underwrite autonomously the following General Aviation risks:

  • Aircraft (fixed wing and rotor wing)
  • Aircraft hull damages
  • Aircraft Liability (including cargo Legal Liabilities)
  • Aviation Personal Accident (crew and passengers anonymous seats).

We also support our clients with  best quotations in the following areas:

  • Aicraft Hull (General Aviation, UAV, Ultralight Aircrafts);
  • Aircraft Manufacturer Liability;
  • Airport Operator Liability;
  • Airport Handler Liability;
  • Air show Organizer Liability;
  • Parachutist Liability;
  • Other Aviation Liabilities;
  • Aviation Personal Accidents;
  • Named pilot and passengers;
  • Named crew members;
  • Aviation corporate policies (Aircrews. Authorities, Banks);
  • Loss of licence;
  • Pilots;
  • Crew;
  • Air Traffic Controllers Aviation Market.