our history


Founded in 1993 as an Underwriting Agency we initially concentrated our activity in the international space risks arena. Lloyd’s Coveholder since 1997, we have grown constantly ever since. Through professionalism, competence and hard work, we successfully extended our underwriting business model to the domestic Italian Aviation in 2003.

Member of the IUAI – International Union of Aerospace Insurers, worldwide we now are recognized as one of the most professional market in Aerospace Insurance.
Through the development of the activity in the domestic insurance market, we also successfully acquired a strong reputation as the main independent Specialty Underwriting Agency, serving Clients and Insurance Producers all over Italy.

In 2009 we joined forces with a team of meteorologists to prepare for the challenge of launching weather related insurance products in Italy and at the beginning of 2010 a new company was formed to this end, Meteotec Srl. After more than three years of specialist research, through our subsidiary Meteotec Srl, we have created a comprehensive weather database, which covers the whole italian territory and is used to support the risk assessment analysis.

In 2011 we have been the first underwriter to pioneer weather insurance coverages in Italy.
In 2012 the agency was awarded the Italian Lloyd’s Award for creative correspondent.

In 2013 we celebrate our twenty years anniversary pursuing our “special trait” and the Contingency & Special Risks division has been developed.

During 2018, thanks to the collaboration with the Specialty Lines team of Cattolica, new underwriting lines were established. Milan and Genoa offices were added to the of ones of Mestre, Rome and London.

Since October 2018, the Company belongs to Cattolica Assicurazioni Group.