environmental risk


Environmental Risk is the SATEC division dedicated to the underwriting of Environmental Liability policies for manufacturing, craft, service sector and logistics companies, including Multiutilities, operating in the following sectors:

  • food/farm
  • production of plastics and rubbers
  • textile
  • paper and wood
  • construction
  • energy
  • oil
  • metal production and treatment
  • chemical (organic and inorganic chemistry, production of fertilizers, pesticides, drugs, explosives)
  • waste management and treatment.

In order to complete the offer, we provide covers for companies that carry out their activities at the pants of third parties (remediation, maintenance and demolition services, loading and unloading of waste / goods) and companies that provide transport of their goods to third-party carriers and cover damage due to the liability of the Customer.

The insurance covers offered are the following:
• Plant Environmental liability
• Environmental liability for Activities performed at third-party plant (included covers damages that should occur during the loading and unloading activities)
• Goods Transport contracted to third parties

Our policies offer a tailor-made coverage for all risks, designed not only for compensation for third-party civil liability damages, but as the new legal obligations imposed to cover the remediation costs and restoration of contaminated areas, inside and all outside of the insured plant, both for sudden and gradual contamination, and also a complete coverage of the environmental damage (protected species and natural habitats, soil, water, air).