Satec Global Re is the division of Satec Srl based in London focused on natural and non natural catastrophes reinsurance.

The target is to write reinsurance business on behalf of our Members (well-rated securities) willing to take exposure worldwide on extreme events (earthquakes, storm, floods, etc.), leveraging on the profitable risk/return profile of this niche market. Diversification is the key driver to achieve positive results, by the maximum degree of spread in terms of territories and perils covered.

Our underwriting guidelines rely on competence, discipline and balanced approach:

  • Non-Proportional property Treaties (Catastrophe Excess of Loss and Stop Loss) and, on a minor extent, Retrocessions and Parametric Contracts (e.g. Industry Loss Warranties);
  • Both Natural and Man-Made events.

We have a long lasting relationship with the Lloyd’s of London brokers’ community and a good knowledge of the reinsurance market, based on more than 20 years of successful results in the specialty lines business, with a specific understanding of the Property & Casualty market.