We underwrite on behalf of various Companies and Lloyd’s Syndicates Satellite Risks in the International Space Insurance Market. Our specialized team has a very long comprehensive experience and well established relationship with clients and brokers that allows us to be involved in most of the placements. Professionalism, integrity, total dedication and care for profitable business are the pillars of our activity.

Through experience we are able to assist financial institutions and telecommunication companies in their space related business ventures and provide with an efficient and comprehensive loss evaluation and adjustment service.

We offer a full set of insurance products relating to the space technology:
•    Satellite and Equipment Pre Launch
•    Launch Vehicle Flight
•    Satellite Launch and Commissioning
•    Satellite In Orbit Life.

Our 2018 Underwriting Capacity is USD 30,000,000 per Satellite/Launch, split between Lloyd’s Syndicates (72%) and International Insurance Companies (28%).
We can manage space run-offs on behalf of Insurance/Reinsurance Companies offering bespoke services, from mere consultancy to full risk transfer. Furthermore in the light of our long experience and specialization, we can also serve the interests of banks, financial institutions, telecommunications companies and private investors who are eager to explore the potential of space investments.