sport leisure and events


The “Sport Leisure & Events” Satec division is dedicated to the underwriting of the business related to the professional sports world (Teams, Federations, Leagues, Associations, Individual policies and more generally risks related to CONI) with direct subscription in the Accident and Disease and in all the branches that may affect the insurance needs of a sports team at every level (surety, liability, property).
Within the scope of the risks described above, the products offered by Satec are aimed at protecting both the interests of individual policyholders and those of the teams, which may find, among the technical offers, different possibilities to protect their employees, associates or confederates, in addition, of course, to their financial statements.

Among the main insurance coverage, we offer in the sports world we could remember:
– Compulsory accident insurance;
– Patrimonial injury policy;
– RSM;
– Policies “engagements” and “career end”;
– Individual injury policy;
– Prize indemnity.

In addition to the purely sporting world, insurance products dedicated to the field of entertainment are being developed, which can offer special coverings such as those linked, for example, to film productions or the cancellation of events.
As for all the areas of subscription of Satec, even in the world of sporting risks the attention to the management of claims, the methods and timing of evaluation and liquidation, is among the main strengths, relying on a network of international experts.