Surety is the division of Satec dedicated to underwriting Bonds / Sureties for specific sectors. The target is represented by Companies operating in different industries where bonds are required, and which respect the following requirements:

a. Companies located in Italy, Vatican City and the Republic of San Marino.

For risks located in countries other than those indicated, the coverage is valid only if they refer to interests belonging to customers resident in the aforementioned territories.

b. Companies with a solid financial position

c. Companies with multiline multiline coverage requirements

Insurance coverages can be summarized in the following product types:

  • Contract guarantees for tenders (public and private)
  • Contract guarantees assimilated to tenders
  • Guarantees for Customs Rights
  • Guarantees for early repayment of the V.A.T.
  • Various ministerial authorizations

In the context of the Surety relating to the Environmental Sector we write:

  • Enrolment in the environmental managers register
  • Cross-border shipment of waste
  • Sureties for waste disposal and waste management systems